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Run with the Sunshine


Poetry is a touchstone connection between events and individuals.

It can be whimsical

“There’s a critter in my house
I know it’s here
But is it dickens or is it dear...
Who’s this rascal leaving gifts
I spot among the hearthen rocks
(It bothers not with litter box)…”
(Li’l Opossum excerpt)


“The prognosis of the nose is that pollen makes it sneeze
Dust promotes a sniffle and a snuffle and a wheeze…”
(Allergies excerpt)


Or it can carry poignant emotion strumming along one’s heartstrings


“Fox of the past… now bones and pelt decayed…
Was death lingering, lonely...
The roses, their scent on the breeze
wafted in tribute to his final rest…
this moment in time was one of God’s best”
(Trail Soul excerpt)

“How can I say good bye to my best buddy?
How can I … meet his eyes one last time
With tears in mine
When he’s so brave…”
(Good-bye, Best Buddy excerpt)


Run with the Sunshine is a gathering of light-and-shadow artistic pieces by an author who continually delights her readers with her expressive art and poems. One finds creative license and thought woven throughout. This book is a must for those who enjoy and feel through poetry. These poems, some standing alone and others enhanced with the author’s own diverse artistic illustrations, are sure to touch some part of everyone’s life experience. Read, enjoy and run hand in hand with the sunshine.


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